Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Review / Caribbean Essentials Restore Massage & Bath Oil

Caribbean Essentials is a selection of Spa products and treatment rituals created by Linda Hall, a leading Well-being expert and International Spa Consultant. Linda used her in depth knowledge of plants, indigenous to the Caribbean, and create a line inspired by the vitality and energy of the Caribbean.
This unique range is based on aromatherapy and it's chakra orientated, where the selection of herbs and spices possess healing and therapeutic properties too.
Using only the purest and finest highest botanical ingredients, each formulation is carefully selected for a key purpose and aiming at delivering the desired results.

Caribbean Essentials Restore Massage & Bath Oil* is ideal to soothe and rehydrate post summer skin! It's anti-inflammatory, eases aches & pains and helps digestive imbalances.
I just have to drizzle few drops under running water and my bathroom is instantly filled with the soothing and warming aroma of patchouli mixed with ginger and peppermint. This is truly one of the most relaxing bath that I've ever had and I need to put my magazine down and enjoy the moment... recharge my body and my mind.
The blend also includes lemon - proven to stimulate the immune system - grapeseed oil for hydration, rosemary with its antioxidant properties and orange to combat stress.
Like many, I'm a devotee of oils! I've come to appreciate them in recent years and I love how multitasking and how fast and intensively acting they are. You can also apply it to wet skin for intense moisturization... and why not - for a spicy aphrodisiac massage with your partner! ;)

Have you tried Carribean Essentials yet? What do you recommend?


  1. This sounds lovely. Not heard of this brand before x

    1. it's a very good quality oil. x

  2. This sounds really lovely and not a brand I am at all familiar with xx

    Lots of Love Beautyqueenuk!

    1. I didn't know the brand either but want to try more now :) xx

  3. It sounds great ! :)


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