Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Review / Laura Mercier Eye & Cheek Palette

Another palette review today: Laura Mercier Eye & Cheek Palette from the Lingerie Collection, Spring 2012
It was love at first sight but then I refrained from buying it straight away and went sold out; it took me months and months to find one but I'm so pleased to have it because this palette is a beauty!
The packaging is not the most attractive (like many Laura Mercier items, I find) but it's very sleek and sturdy, making it perfect for travelling.
This perfectly formed set contains 6 eyeshadows and 2 blushes and it also has a huge mirror which is pretty handy, indeed.
Most of the shades are neutrals with a couple of purples, which suits me just fine as purple is my favourite eyeshadow colour. :)
They are all very smooth, the quality is consistent and  I haven't had any trouble working with any of them.
My favourites are Tawny Apricot - a pretty dusty rose - and African Violet, a gorgeous purple and gold duochrome; Black Plum is also a shade I've been enjoying using, a matte black/purple.
Actually only these last 2 shades are existing single LM colours, all the others are new for this palette.
Both blushes are also new: Rose Desire - blue toned pink, nearly matte and extremely pigmented - and Fresh Peach - a sheer peachy coral with shimmer.
What can I say... I love LM eyeshadows in general and this palette doesn't disappoint - Glad it's part of my collection!

On another note... Congratulations to my giveaway winner: Terri @ Hello Terri Lowe
Prize is on the way... Enjoy!!! :)


  1. gorgeous palette!!^^

  2. Every time I see African Violet I fall in love with it a little bit more! So pretty!

  3. This palette looks so wonderful! I love the colours, especially those of the blushes.

    1. It's such acomplete palette. A must have.

  4. Wow that palette is really beautiful.
    Really cute and shimmering colors.
    Btw now I´m following yu in Bloglovin´ I hope your follow me back.


  5. I like the packaging, nice and simple :) And the shades are so pretty, love the African Violet. It's strange that it doesn't have an applicator, but on the other hand in my experience they're usually unusable.

    1. I agree they are useless most of the times. More space for colour ;)

  6. Pretty! I especially love the blush colours xx


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