Sunday, 10 March 2013

Kiko Spring Collection 2013

Kiko is a brand that has recently become more and more popular in Uk, thanks to a couple of flag stores in London - it's an italian brand so I've known it for a while but I really hope more stores will pop around the country because the quality/price combo is truly fantastic.
Colours in the World is the new season limited edition collection where colour takes center stage with vibrant, intense shades. The creamy texture and shimmery dimension just scream spring to me - also the packaging is bucolic-like and reflects the prettiness of the products inside.
Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow in 29 Intensive Coral*
These eyeshadow sticks remind me of the Laura Mercier' version but at a fraction of the price; I have never tried the LM ones but the lasting power on the Kiko ones is outstanding!
I have actually wore this colour at the gym and by the end of the session, the product hadn't creased at all!!!
They are really fool-proof to apply and extremely soft to blend - also water resistant so can be perfect allies for a beach holiday as well.
Intensive Coral is quite a sheer shade so can be used as a base but the sparkle in it makes it interesting enough to be worn on its own, too.
Kiko Long Lasting Lipstick in 02 Coral Pink*
You see, coral just epitomise Spring to me so I can't help but *squeak* seeing another one in the collection.
The lipstick comes in the same handy stick/pen packaging  as the eyeshadow and it's extremely light weight. 
It's very creamy and comfortable to wear and the colour is buidable.
There are 6 shades in the collection and all have a pearly/satin finish.
Kiko Extra Volume Lipgloss in 25 Velvet Crimson*
I was expecting more of a red shade (you know because of the name, Crimson) but this lipgloss is a tan/nude colour with gold and pink glitter. To be honest, it doesn't look much in the tube - or at least it's not a colour I usually go for - but it's so beautifying on top of a lipstick. Apparently, the formula has proven volumizing and moisturizing action and comes with a thin sponge type applicator.
I'm also pleasantly surprised of the high shine, glossy finish and it doesn't feel sticky on the lips.
Kiko Celebration Nail Lacquer in 419 Coral Red* 
Again, I think there are some lost in translation to blame here, but I wouldn't call this a coral red, personally.
Anyway, it's the actual product that matters and I would describe the shade like a neon orangy coral - bang on trend with other neon collections that I have seen around.
I'm already a fan of Kiko nail polishes (you can read my previous review here): they apply smoothly without a streak in sight, opaque and last for a week, with some really minor chipping.
What more do you want for less than a fiver?!
This is a stunning, strong Spring collection in my eyes - deserving attention!
If like me you don't live nowhere near London, you can buy these products on - this collection also includes eyeshadow palettes, eyeliners, loose pigments and blushes (one in particular that I already have my eyes on - hehe), they always run some kind of promotion and there's also a well stocked outlet section - Happy Shopping everyone!!! :)


  1. They are really lovely colours xx

  2. Replies
    1. I'm loving this collection - very happy :)

  3. Hey Alex,

    I really enjoyed this post, I live eating about new brands/products, I wonder if they ship to Australia... If not, I'll have to pop it on my international/next time I'm overseas shopping list, especially that nail colour, I really like it!

    Thanks so much for popping over to my blog, I'm really enjoying reading yours!
    Zoe xx

    1. Thanks for reading :)
      Unfortunately kiko doesn't ship to Australia currently. X

  4. I thought that shadow stick was an orange lipstick at first! :p It looks super pigmented and quite creamy :) The lip colour and nail polish are lovely shades too.

    1. Hehe I know, it looks bright but you can sheer it out quite a bit. :)

  5. Very nice colours :D i love the nail polish and the shadow stick!i think i'll buy something..

    1. The whole collection is beautiful. :)

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. LOVE that orange lippie! I once used a gloss from RMK that had a similar tone, but it was more sheer. Super flattering!


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