Friday, 1 July 2011

I'm going to London tomorrow to see PULP!!! I can't wait... so excited - will definitely try and post an outfit (if I feel like it, meaning brave enough to face a camera).
Anyway, I was off today and popped into town and had a spot of shopping - here is the damage:

3 for 2 in Boots on Revlon means 1 nail polish + 2 foundations: nail polish is called PAssion Fruit and is part of the scented collection (obvious to say it smells like passion fruit?); well, scent is not that strong and last like 2 minutes. I like the colour but I really disliked the handle of the brush, far too thick and difficult to use.
Then, I picked up ColourStay foundation in 220/Natural Beige and PhotoReady in 007/Cool Beige; first impressions, I prefer PhotoReady. I know, many people have a problem with the 'glitter' in it but I don't think it is so overpowering plus it's definitely more noticeable in sun light so I'm planning on use this foundation in the evening (artificial light is totally fine with the shimmer). The packaging is also way better as the bottle has got a pump.
ColourStay is also fine but has the name says, the lasting ability should be its forte - to be honest, I haven't noticed a better durability (comparing to my other foundations).

I've heard a lot of good things about the Biotherm body creams so I decided that it was time to give it a go and take advantages of the 30% discount. I'm pleased the package has got two different types so I can  see which one is the best.

Usually, hand creams from L'occitane are the best! I got this one on sale but for the first time I was disappointed; after full absorption it left a whitey residue on my fingertips :S

In Topshop I picked up this bracelet & ring, both from Orelia; i've been wanting the Zoe bracelet for over a year, but stupidly priced at £18 I always refrained from buying it - very glad I got it on sale. The ring, well, i loved it straight away and couldn't resist. :(

Accessorize - Precious Metal Hammered Ring

I want to wear both rings together on the index and medium fingers of my right hand - what you think?

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