Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Review / Nourish Balance Vita-Boost Body Cream

Nourish have recently relaunched their body creams and I'm pleased to see that they have been repackaged in a pump tub; there are still 4 lines - Balance, Radiance, Protect and Relax - that complement the relevant shower gels. 
I'm a big fan of the Radiance range (you can read more here) but this time I decided to go for the Balance moisturiser because I'm still in full post-partum body crisis and this product promises to smooth and tone the skin.
 Nourish Balance Vita-Boost Body Cream* contains natural apple extracts that boosts elasticity and photo-active marine algin, hyaluronic acid and peptides that stimulate collagen synthesis to improve suppleness and firmness.  

The crisp apple scent and comfortable & refreshing consistency make it perfect for Spring/Summer, especially. It has become a pleasant ritual and - although it's too early to see any difference on the firming front - it is a very good moisturiser so far, thanks to African shea butter.

This product is 81% Organic and remember that Nourish is certified organic by the Soil Association and Cruelty Free - All products available from nourishskinrange.com.
Have you tried this brand before?

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