Sunday, 23 November 2014

New In / Kiko Luxurious Collection

I feel I’m starting to sound like a broken record when talking about Kiko Milano – but they can do no wrong, it appears… every collection is more beautiful than the one before! The latest collection – Luxurious – is another winner!
The golden tone packaging perfectly encapsulates the Luxurious theme and consists of a bronzer, highlighters, eyeshadows, kajals, mascara and a face brush.

The Kiko Milano Precious Illuminating Bronzer* feels velvety and blends uniformly on the cheeks; it has a multi colour heart made of precious stones to smooth and give luminosity to the complexion: amber preserves skin tone, pearls have hydrating properties, tourmaline exudes energy, ruby, amethyst, nephrite and coral create a smoothing and brightening effect.
The 4 shades create a perfect tanned colour, just a tad darker than my normal skintone - that gives a natural sunkissed look to cheekbones and temples. 

The case - as well as the product itself inside - has the multifaceted characteristic of a gem and looks gorgeous in the sun light. It's a real treat to use it everyday and I love it!
Have you seen this one yet? Intrigued?


  1. This is truly gorgeous !

  2. I love Kiko too (after you introduced me to the brand!). This looks delightful! xxx

    1. hehe, glad you love it as much as i do :) xxx

  3. Replies
    1. its gorgeous and lovely on the skin too!

  4. Wow ,what a beautiful Bronzer! Love also the Packaging Design :)

    1. it's great shade too, suitable for many :)


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