Sunday, 2 March 2014

Food Delivery / Bonjour French Food Box

Bonjour French Food* is a monthly subscription, as the name suggest, coming straight from France. 
I love food boxes because - well, I love food of course - but also because they give you the chance to discover new products. I got the say that - from all the food boxes that I have tried - Bonjour is the most original and interesting; the selection of products that I received definitely succeeded in tantalising my taste buds!

Favols Coing Thym Romarin
This quince chutney is the ideal match for strong cheeses, like roquefort and stilton but I found that it works very well with cured meat and pate' too. 
It's subtly sweet, from the fruit but with salty notes thanks to the thyme and rosemary.
Beautifully balanced and good enough on its own too!

Ducs de Gascogne Terrine de Canard Sauge et Ciboulette
I don't like pate' so this product was a miss for me; I didn't even try it but  I have to admit that it did smell gorgeous (it is more like a mental block for me). Still, it didn't go to waste and I offered it to some dinner guests on crackers. You could smell the fresh herbs - sage & chives - and they enjoyed the combo very much.

Tonton la Rondelle Saucisson Aux Herbes de Provence
This dried sausage was so delicious and tasty!
The herbs come through in the flavouring in perfect balance with the meat; matured just to my liking and with the ideal amount of fat... basically, between me and my sister, we managed to finish it in 2 evenings (the shame!).

Bovetti Romarin Enrobe de Chocolat Blanc
I couldn't wait to try these white chocolate pearls and I opened the jar straight away. These white chocolate balls can be used as an aperitif, to decorate desserts or I think they would be a lovely alternative to after eight squares/after dinner snacking for your coffee table. There's just an hint of rosemary that complement the sweetness of the chocolate, without being overpowering. 

Bovetti Chocolat Blanc Saveur Coquelicot
Can't go wrong with a bar of chocolate, right?
Another product from Bovetti, renowned for their creativity and innovation with chocolate. Here the white chocolate is enhanced with poppy flowers; the poppy caramelised sugar creates a nice crunchy texture that is pleasing on all the senses. Definitely, something to savour!

Eloide Sirop de Menthe
Mint cordial is my favourite! In Italy, it is a staple in my fridge and my favourite refreshing summer beverage. You can add a few drops to ice water, to peppermint tea or also bake delicious mint choc chip cookies. The bottle is so cute too.


  1. Oh wow this looks like an amazing treat! Ahh I love food so much! xx

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

    1. hehe me too, food is the best :D xx

  2. This looks like an amazing box! I want! x

    1. it's a great selection and delicious too. x

  3. Great Box ,love the Chocolate ,looks yumm!


    1. me too. I was thrilled to see 2 chocolate items. x

  4. Looks like an amazing box! Love French food :)

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

    1. it's a very interesting selection and very tasty! :)

  5. the chocolate bar is stunning with this bright pink color! also the salami looks delicious!


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