Friday, 17 January 2014

Haul / January Sales - Clothes Edition

Few things I picked up in the last couple of weeks…

Oasis Lace Gothic Dress in red £85 £40
Originally I wanted this dress in black but when I tried them, the red definitely suited me better; I like the high neck and long sleeves and of course, I can't resist anything lace! I think it will look great with black opaque tights and platform heels.

French Connection Winter Sloanie Slub Jumper in windsor green £69 £34
I don't shop in French Connection very often: I think it's hugely overpriced and, yes, you see stuff that I like   from time to time but nothing unique. I actually still had a gift card from last Christmas to spend so I picked up this pretty jumper. I fell in love with the colour and I like that it's slightly longer on the back.

Warehouse Borg Collar Biker Coat £100 £55
So chuffed with this coat! I have been eyeing it for months and since I tried it on in November, I nearly bought it full price. It's simply me to a T! ;)
It's the perfect mix of smart and edgy; I like the sheep's skin lapel, low skirted waist and the shiny effect of the fabric.

Monsoon Fun Sparkle Beanie
Well, technically not a sale purchase as I paid full price (£10); also, this is technically a child's hat but I have such a small head that all normal hats end up falling on my eyes.
I like it! :)

Missoni Yellow Patterned Scarf £99 £30
I heart Missoni!
I spotted few different scarves in TkMaxx before Christmas but I simply couldn't make up my mind on the colour; I finally decided on this design and it was even further reduced… score! ;)
It's soooooo soft.

Anything you like? :)


  1. That coat really suits you! And that scarf is just gorgeous :) x

  2. awesome clothes !! love your coat :) xx

  3. I love the colours in the beanie hat - so rich and vibrant!
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  4. The first dress is so super pretty! I think red was a good choice :)

    1. I agree, I'm glad I went with the red now, it looks great against the pale background. x

  5. So many great finds! I can always find something I like in Tkmaxx too!

  6. the dress is stunning!
    And I love the coat too!

  7. the jumper is stunning - what a great discount you got! xx

    1. yeah, I was pleased with these bargains too :) xx


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