Wednesday, 24 April 2013

What's in my Travel Bag / Amsterdam

I've just returned from a couple of days in Amsterdam.
It was our first wedding anniversary last week, I still can't believe the time went soooo fast so we decided to have a mini break away to celebrate! :)
Here is what I took with me - I packed pretty light and I'm actually surprised with myself; all the make up fitted into the small Elemis beauty case and I shared the bigger washbag with my husband... I mainly took sample sizes which of course helped.
Make up
I took my fake Borbonese bag as hand luggage; It has 3 compartments and it's great for travelling because got easy access to my camera and stuff when doing touristy things. ;)
I love the iconic print of these bags... hopefully, I'll be able to afford the real deal one day.
I also took the Topshop clutch for night time.
I went for the rose gold and purple combo
The weather wasn't too bad; still chilly and just a few degrees more than Glasgow but the sun was warm and at least, it was dry.
I did enjoy the city a lot - quite laid back and loads and loads to see. I will definitely need to go back because most of the museums close at 5pm and we didn't manage to see everything that we wanted... expect some major queues too.
Of course the canals and bikes are extremely charming - although I feared for my life a couple of times. ;)
I posted some pictures on my Instagram... if you fancy a look, I'm princess_leica


  1. Happy Anniversary! Where has the year gone! You did well travelling light but you took a lot of nice things x

  2. Happy Anniversary! How did you get away with so much liquid? I Thought it was 10x 100ml?

  3. I love seeing what is in other people's travel bags, always such a good read. That TopShop clutch is really cute as well, nice choice!

    Looking you up on Instagram now!

    Zoe xx

    1. me too, I like to see where people goes and their chosen products. xx

  4. Great post! You did well traveling so light. I love these types of posts.

    1. hehe, to be fair it was only 4 days ;)

  5. Love being nosey and reading posts like this! Hope you had a lovely Anniversary! :) x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  6. Congrats on your anniversary. I remember you got married just a few months before I had start blogging last year :)

    1. I know!!! can't believe it's been a year. :S

  7. I love this kind of posts. I admit, i'm nosey ; i love to know what people takes to travel! And I see things in there that will definately go to my wishlist! :)


    1. hehe, I like these posts too, I'm also addicted to beauty bags so curious to see what other people are using :)


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