Tuesday, 8 December 2009

YES... FINALLY!!!!! Basically, I ordered this dress from Topshop' website already twice: the orders went trough but then they emailed me saying it was out of stock (so shouldn't I be unable to add it to my basket ??!!); anyway, this time I got it delivered...

Topshop' Ruched Neck Swing Dress

I adore it: love the cameo print and the black bow on the back;

also, ordered few bits to qualify for free delivery:

Topshop' Striped Chain Studs & Blue Knit Gloves


  1. btw, the gloves are pish! the first day I wore it, the knit started to unravel and I already lost one of the stars. :(

  2. also, made someone sooo happy at Topshop in Edinburgh... hehe... I ordered the dress in two sizes, so when I returned one the cashier at the till fell in love with it (was also the right size for her) e promptly put it aside to buy... reckon it ended up wearing it for NYE. :)


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