Wednesday, 1 April 2009

You've Got Mail (...cont)

Also received two pairs of shoes I ordered in Italy (which my parents kindly sent):


I NEEDED another pair of Converse so bad... (see below)


I remember wearing the Superga since I was a wee girl, and now worn also by the Gallaghers, they're becoming another one of those "must have"; get there first and get a pair (before they become overpriced).

all my Converse are falling to pieces; the first pair, the red ones, are from 2002; they have holes on the heel and they look more orangy than red now. The pink are from 2004 and the colour is really faded. The black and fuschia, bought in Cardiff in 2005, have holes on the ball of the feet so everytime it rains my socks end up soaking; I'm considering buy another pair 'cause they are my fave! The teal pair are allright because I haven't worn them a lot (2007).

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