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Wedding Post - Details

We got the wedding invitations from
Very expensive (especially since half of the people that received them, just threw them away after a while, I imagine) but worth it!
There are plenty of company which offer a similar service in the States but I couldn't find anyone else with that style and quality, in Uk.
We got half printed in italian and half in english.
I'm extremely pleased with them and I think they set the tone that I wanted for the wedding, perfectly!

Menus & Food
We ended up doing the menus ourselves; I couldn't find any which I liked so 4 days before the wedding, me, my fiance', my sister and my parents spent the evening printing and gluing. 
It was good fun, after all. :)
My mum found these beautiful fabric ribbons at the local market for few euros...

On the menu we had: 3 starters, 2 pasta dishes, sorbet, meat dish with potatoes and salad, dessert - also, the guests could have second helpings of every course.
if you're interested in the dishes, just click on the picture below to enlarge.
All courses come out spread for about 4 hours so we had breaks in between for first dance, bouquet toss, ...
I'm a foodie and that's how an italian wedding is: food is, definitely, as important as the bride... hehe ;P

I meant to take pictures of the food, but I forgot (of course)!
My friend Dell gave me this nice collage of some of the dishes. :)

Table Numbers & Place Cards
We named the tables after bands - both Richard and I are into indie/alternative music and all our friends are too.
I got the stationery from

We chose these picture holders to gift to our guests; there're  8 different couples available and we thought they're cute and funny :)
These are hand painted and the artist is Paolo Chiari - he's based in Florence but we got them for a local retailer.

Every favor, also, comes with a pouch of 5 almond candies - as per tradition.
Got the cards from

Cake Toppers
We ordered ours from an Etsy shop - Dandelionland, based in San Diego.
It took about 5/6 weeks before we got them and we received 2 proofs before she sent them over.
We sent pictures of ourselves, the kilt, my dress, my shoes and everything was customized, exactly to match us.
I love them!!! They now reside on our TV table :)

Well, not much to say about this... A5 size, aqua leather book with silver foil lettering - we got it from

I thought the photographer is worth a mention too - we are very happy with the photos and now only waiting for the album to be ready (we had to narrow over a 1000 shots to 120/150... yeah, it took nearly 3 months :S).
 Studio Fotografico Bianco & Nero  - as you may have guessed all the photos watermarked, from the previous wedding posts, are his.

Richard wore this pretty thistle composition:

This was my bouquet... and involved quite a bit of drama!
Basically, it was totally different from what I wanted. A family friend offered to take care of the flowers and that meant I didn't see my bouquet until the morning of the wedding; she went all defensive that it was a beautiful bouquet but that wasn't clearly the point... it simple wasn't anything like the picture I gave her weeks before (...but still didn't stop her to charge me a fortune!).

and this was my ideal one - do you see any resemblance at all??!
Anyway, I'm glad everything else went smoothly - I was more annoyed towards this person than upset.

And as they say, that's all folks!
I hope you enjoyed these wedding posts - I know that all the research that I did, in preparation for my wedding, was essential... so hopefully, this could be helpful for some other bride-to-be out there! 
Good Luck! :)

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  1. This is all so lovely! I especially love the quirky cake toppers :D The homemade menus are a really nice touch too :) x

  2. This is all so nice :) I love all the details. I'm currently ordering all the little pieces for my Wedding, its my favourite part! x

  3. Thanks for sharing, love the cake toppers they are so cute! The food sounds amazing too x

  4. Cake toppers are amazeballs!


  5. Such amazing invitations! Everything looks great!

  6. What a lovely array of things for your wedding, inspiratiol stuff here!

  7. Your attention to detail and how everything is personal to you is so beautiful. Can't believe the boquet drama! The menu's look great but now I am starving...!xxx

  8. That's so lovely!! Thank you for visiting my blog :)

    xx from

  9. Everything is so lovely! Those cake toppers are amazing! x

  10. Cute! :)

    I invite you to

  11. Thanks everybody for the nice words. :) xxx

  12. Oh my goodness! What an absolutely beautiful wedding you had! I sure enjoyed looking through the posts. So sorry about how the flowers turned're right, not so much like your "inspiration photo", huh? Frustrating... Well, all your little details were just perfect! Thanks for sharing them all with us!!!

  13. Aww everything was so adorable! X

  14. I loved this post! The food looks like it was lovely! xx

  15. Hi, I like the table number cards. Are the names hand written on the cards after the numbers have been printed. Can the table names be printed instead, do you know?

    1. Not sure to be honest, better to contact the link above, directly. :)

  16. Wow, everything looks so nice and stylish! I hope you had a great wedding :)


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